Tuesday, May 7


I purchased myself a macro extension tube a few weeks ago.  This is tube that goes between your camera and the lens.  It takes and regular lens and turns it into a macro lens (sort of).  I would love to buy an actual macro lens, but they are a little on the expensive side.  So I figured it was worth the $25 to try one of these extension tubes.  I've tried the close up filters, which I like, but why not try this as well.  I bought a non-Canon one (sorry Canon, your's was over $100) from Amazon.  It still has the connections for the auto focus, which can be nice, even if most of my focusing is manual.

Here are a few photos I snapped the other day in the yard.

These are of the leaves on the lilac bush.  I was absolutely amazed at the detail that you can see.  You can see the little "hairs" on the leaves.  It's amazing.

This one is my parsley.  Look at how detailed that is.  You can see a little bug that was resting (or possibly eating) on the leaves.

Then it was time to try it out in the studio.  Here are a few images I took in my photo box.

Here is a wrap bracelet that I made for one of my friends.  I was amazed at the detail I could pull out of the beads.  I'm still a little off on focusing, but that was my fault, not the lens.

And here is a little pewter frog on my gardens cuff.  I just love this little guy and the macro lens really shows him in great detail.

And the best thing is, I'm just using the kit lens that came with my camera.  The same lens I've owned for 7 or 8 years.  Just think what this do with a faster better lens.  I might need to give it a try with other lens.

Someday I'll own a real macro lens, but for now, I think this will do.  If you are interested in macro but don't want to drop the money for a lens, I would defiantly recommend one of these extension tubes.  You can find them on amazon or ebay or any camera supply place.

Are any of you hooked on macro?  I'd love to here your tips and advice on getting great shots.

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