Tuesday, June 18

Nothing new

I was really hoping to have some work in progress pictures of my new beaded painting for you today, but that's not going to happen.  My insomnia is back, which means I haven't gotten any sleep in days.  I was hoping that riding my bike to work would help, but it has not.  I'm even more exhausted after 15 miles a day but I still can't get any sleep at night.  So I've been pretty useless around the house the past couple days. That means no projects, no pictures, nothing.  Tonight I'm giving in and taking one of my sleepy time pills (I really hate taking them, but I have to get some sleep), so hopefully I'll wake up refreshed and ready to tackle everything that is waiting for me.

Until then here is one of my favorite pictures of Nacho.  She's such a pretty tortie.  She is one of the best models I've worked with, you know, compared to Yoda and Toonces.  

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