Thursday, September 5

This and That

I've got a little bit of an update in the studio.  I've been cleaning it out and organizing all my stuff.  It's glorious to have room to actually work in there.  But I still had a huge, uncomfortable, dumb (oh yes, I used the term dumb like I was a 12 year old girl) office chair.  It was a step up from the $20 walmart chair I had, but it took up so much room and wasn't even a joy to sit in.  I have back problems (I have scoliosis, just slightly, but enough to have some back pain), so I need something with back support.

Now Toonces loves the big chair (that's her lounging in our old apartment).  She loves to sit behind me while I work.  She loves to stand on the back of the chair.  She loves to sit on my lap.  She loves to squeeze in beside me or stand on the arms.  She loves to lounge on it when I'm not sitting in it.  But that's going to change, because I now have a new, more supportive, smaller chair to sit on.

I picked up this chair at Staples the other day for a great price.  The chair was on sale for $60, marked down from $100.  I then used a 20% off coupon, which brought it down to $48.  And then I used my staples rewards, which brought it down to $16.50.  Awesome, I got a new office chair for under $20.  And I have to say, I love it so far.  I've only been using it for the past four days, but it's a nice chair.  It's not the pretty white leather one I wanted, but it is still pretty nice.

We also had a meeting with our new insurance guy the other night.  He lives in Madison, so he made a house call.  It was nice of him.  We talked about the cars and the house, but we also talked about adding some commercial insurance for my business.  He said he would look into if our home insurance covered my studio but also how much it would cost to get independent insurance for the business.  Since I am trying to make this a little bit more of my income and less of a hobby and because I only plan on selling at high end shows from now on, I think it's a good idea to take this step.  We also talked about getting J's sound stuff insured.  That shit is expensive.  So now we have the task of taking photos of everything we own, so that if anything awful ever happened, we'll be ready.  It's always good to be prepared.

I also have some upcoming shows.  I'll be at the Monona farmers market this Sunday (Sept 8), which should be a fun day.  And then I'm doing a pre-show before the Dress for Dais Fashion Show in October.  I'm so excited about this one.  It's at the Overture Center here in Madison.  I'm hoping to make some contacts and get me name out there a little bit.  It's also for a great cause, the Domestic Abuse Intervention Services.  So we'll see how that goes.  Fingers crossed.

I've also started work on a new custom order.  I should have some more info on that this week.  I wanted to wait until it was all worked out with the customer before I started sharing photos on it.  

So that's what's new here.  What is everyone else working on?  Any new news or updates?

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