Tuesday, September 10

Monona Farmer's Market - Art at the Market

This past Sunday was Art at the Market in Monona, WI.  This is a small little arts and crafts show that is held with the farmer's market.  And the best part of the show, it was three blocks from my house.  Awesome. 

I wasn't sure how this show would go, but I was pleasantly surprised.  There were a large number of artists/crafters there and a steady stream of people.  The show was only four hours long, but worth the booth fee and my time. 

I met a lot of really nice people that are from the neighborhood and made some nice connections.  I also made a nice little amount of money, which doesn't hurt. 

This little guy went to a great new home.  It was the first thing I sold and the day just kept going like that.  I had a bunch of small sales, but those add up.  I also talked to two people that were interested in custom orders.  One for a multi-strand necklace and one for a beaded skull. 

The only problem I encountered was that J had motorcycle class Sunday morning, so I had to set up by myself.  It wasn't a huge problem.  I asked one of the people putting on the show to help put up my canopy and then I did the rest by myself.  It obviously took a little longer then if there were two of us, but it went smoothly.  J showed up towards the end of the show to help me tear down.  And he stopped by the bakery booth and got me a spicy empanda.  Yum!  Oh and he passed his motorcycle skills class!!!  

So overall it was a nice little local show.  The price was right, the people were nice, and the sales were good.  Can't ask for much more then that. 

Now I need to finish up a custom order I'm working on and get ready for my next couple shows.  Luckily those aren't until October, so I've got a little time. 

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