Tuesday, November 19

Weekly Update

Wow, it's Tuesday already.  How did that happen?  The weather this past weekend was awful, not as bad as some places, but it wasn't a pleasant weekend.  I did get to go to the Winter Art Fair off the Square and The Crafty Fair.  I got to see some awesome art from awesome local artists and I picked up a great bar of handmade soap.  It makes the whole house smell amazing.  I'm serious, I got home from work yesterday and the first thing I smelled when I walked in the house was pomegranate soap.  That's an amazing soap.

We are having a little baby shower today at work for a co-worker.  She's having her second little boy next week.  We're going to go out to lunch to an awesome burger place, I can't wait for that.  And I got her the best gift, a tuxedo shirt.  I think every baby needs a tuxedo shirt.  I'm a little jealous and I kinda want to keep it for when we decide to have kids.  I hope she likes it.  

So I've finally got pulled in to the washi tape obsession.  I found this tape at the dollar store last night.  A DOLLAR.  So of course I grabbed every pattern they had left.  I might have to go back to see if they get any more of it.  A DOLLAR people.  

Finally I have a sneak peek of my latest mixed media project.  I'm half way done with it and I can't wait to finish it up.  Okay, I feel like I say that about all of my projects.  But this one I am excited about.  Then I have two other ideas that I can't wait to start.  Now I just have to decide on which one to start first.  Maybe I'll start both of them.  

I know that this blog entry was kinda all over the place, but that's how I've felt like lately.  All over the place.  It looks like I'll be going back to part time next month.  Which is okay.  It will give me the much needed free time around Christmas as well as more time to work on Three Fates Design.  I'm working on a full overhaul for next year, so the extra time will be welcome.  And hopefully the extra time will mean I'll be able to keep up on this blog a lot better.  So get ready for some beady pictures.  

Take care peeps.

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