Monday, December 2

Thanksgiving Dinner

So this year we stayed home to celebrate Thanksgiving.  I've been over it before that we are not really the huge get together kinda peeps.  We'd rather spend it at home in our pajamas.  And that's pretty much what we did.  We did have a friend come over because she was on call and couldn't go home.  We ordered pizza that night and watched a bunch of horrible movies.  It was a fun time.

On Thanksgiving me and J enjoyed a quite meal and watched some Dr. Who.  It was lovely.

crappy cell phone pic

I made pepper encrusted salmon, mashed potatoes with Shiitake mushroom gravy, green beans with portabellas, hasselbeck sweet potatoes with chimichurri, and pasta salad.  Not a traditional meal, but delicious.    

It was exactly what we needed.  Time to rest and relax without the hassle of travel or family.  It was wonderful.  But now we have only three weeks to get ready for Christmas.  That is not something we can get out of.  So we will be traveling all over the state to celebrate that (I think we have about 5 Christmas dinners we have to go to), my mom's birthday, and spend time with our good friends who are visiting from out of town.  That is why we take Thanksgiving off to spend time with each other.  Because we need it.

What did everyone one else do for the holiday?  Do you travel and spend it with family?  Does family come to you?

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