Tuesday, January 14

New Mixed Media Project!

Crap, I wanted to get this posted on Monday, but then forgot.  I was a busy bee yesterday, running from store to store, trying to get all the errands done so that I could have to rest of the week to bead.  

Any who, let's get to that new mixed media project I finished up last week.  This is another mixed media piece that is science related.  A pair of beautifully beaded lungs.    

I know that some of the things I work on are not for everyone, but I want to show people that science can be beautiful.  I see beautiful things everyday at work.  I want to share that with everyone.  And I wanted to show that even things that might be thought of as morbid can be beautiful.

I used a seed beads (or course), shell beads, glass pearls, cube beads, quartz crystal, and ribbon to create this beauty.

I had a lot of fun incorporating the ribbon into this one.  J especially liked it.  I plan on using some of the silk I died last year in my next project.

I'm so happy with how this turned out.  Now I just have to find a shadow box it will fit in.  Then as soon as I have a shadow box, it will be up for sale in my etsy store.

Don't forget to stop by my new website, I've added a small gallery of images and I'm adding items for sale all the time.  

And stay tuned for some updates on my latest mixed media projects.  It's the largest one I've ever attempted.

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