Thursday, April 3

Treasury Thursday

It's been a little while since I did a Treasury Thursday, so why not do one today?!?  I've got a couple of treasuries that I was featured in this week for you.

First is this great Badgers treasury, created by Jean at Jean's Clay Studio.  My red and white beaded triangle earrings are featured with a whole bunch of other Badger's themed items.  If you are not from Wisconsin, or you don't follow college hoops (or you don't work on campus and it's all anyone is talking about), you may not know this, but Wisconsin has made it to the final for for the first time since 2000.  It's pretty exciting and the campus, as well as most of the state, are pretty pumped about it.  Good luck boys!

My Neptune's Delight necklace and earrings set were featured in this fantastic spring time treasury created by BarronCreative.  Stop by and check out all the spring time goodies.

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