Monday, June 16

Weekend Recap

Wow, what a weekend.  It seems like they just fly by.  It went by so quickly, I didn't even get a chance to enjoy my wine I bought for myself.  Oh well, I guess I'll just have to enjoy that tonight!

So where to begin?  Let's begin with Saturday, that seems to make the most sense.  I had a show in Sun Prairie on Saturday.  It was an absolutely beautiful day for a show.  The sun was shining and it wasn't too hot, I think it was only in the 70s that day.  There was a little breeze later in the day, but it wasn't too bad.  I only had a couple things fall over once or twice.

Overall, sales were okay.  I made about 3 times the booth fee, so that wasn't terrible.  I got to talk with some really great people.  I met a young couple that were very impressed with my beaded lungs.  They came and looked a it a couple times.  I talked to them for a while and gave them a couple magnets and let them know they can find any of my stuff on-line, so if they were still interested, just shoot me an email.  I also me a woman who loved the beaded skulls.  I'm not sure how excited her husband was about the skulls, but that didn't seem to matter.  I gave away a ton of cards and magnets, and over all got a pretty good response.

I did get to take a nice chunk out of my jewelry, so that means there is even more room for some more mixed media pieces.  I'm liking the new set up and displays.  And all the added color.  I'm also excited about all the positive remarks on the mixed media.  I think that it gives me confidence to just start focusing on that.  Which I think would be okay for me.

So that was the show, now let's see, what else did I do?  Oh yeah, I finished up Jupiter and I painted my canvas (well I started painting it, I still have plenty to do).  So now I'm only three planets away from finishing.  Yay!

I can't wait to see this one finished.  I'm so excited.  But it looks like I'm going to have a bunch of work for me from my UW student coming up, so this one might need to be put on hold for a while.  That's okay, I need to think about how I'm going to make Saturn anyway.

Well speaking of my UW student, I need to get off this computer and work on that project for a little while.  Hope everyone had a great weekend and hopefully the week will be just as good (it's supposed to storm and be in the 90s all week here).

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Tammy said...

Hi Victoria, Thank you for stopping by :) ...It looks like you had a great weekend at the fair. I used to help my mom work at the festival booths during the summer for Avon. It's a lot a work but they can be pretty fun. Glad to hear you sold a good amount. Have a wonderful week ahead.


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