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Holiday In Mexico! Part #3

So I'm almost done posting about our holiday in Mexico.  This one will deal with food and the many restaurants that were offered at Live Aqua.

The food here was great, especially for an all inclusive.  There are eight restaurants that are included and one that you need to pay extra for.  We did not eat at Inlaa'kech because I do not like lobster and J doesn't eat red meat, so it would have been a waist of our time and money.  But I'm sure it is as good as the rest of the restaurants.  It costs an additional $780 pesos, which is $59 USD per person.

But let's get to the restaurants we did eat at.

Siete was the first place we tried.  It is a buffet, but also has an a la carte menu, which changes from night to night.  The first night we opted for the a la carte menu because it was Mexican night.  The food was great.  I had the Yucatan braised beef and J had the Red Snapper.  Both were very good.  

We also tried the Sushi Station on many occasions.  It was not the best sushi we've ever had, but it wasn't bad either.  It's not a sit down restaurant, but more of a grab and go place.  They make each roll to order and are happy to suggest rolls or even make something that's not on the list.  It was a nice snack most nights.  

The second day there we tried the Sea Corner.  This restaurant is on the beach and is only open for lunch.  It offers tacos, tostadas, etc.  They brought us out small bowls of seafood soup when we first arrived, it was a nice little starter.  Then we got the Yucatan ceviche, the octopus tostada, and the seafood tacos for our main meal.  We also had some great frozen peach mojitos.  All were great.  The octopus was perfectly prepared and not the least bit chewy.  Yum, yum.      

That night we stopped by Hidden Garden, which is the Asian inspired restaurant.  I had the calamari for an appetizer.  It was served on a bed of veggies and had a sweet teriyaki type sauce on it.  Again, it was prepared perfectly and not the least bit chewy.    

For my main meal I had the injected salmon, which was very good.  It was served with broth and veggies.  It came with a little pipette filled with juice that you injected into the salmon yourself.  I then finished this meal with dessert, which was also very good.  I also may or may not have consumed over a bottle of wine myself this night.  But I was on vacation so it's okay.    

MB was the fancy restaurant.  It is the only restaurant that has a dress code, but you don't need to make reservations, which is nice.  We went here twice because it was so good and each time we got a table right away.

Both times we went I got the habanero soup.  It might have been the best thing in the whole resort.  It was so delicious, I wanted to order multiple ones.  It was served in a parmesan encrusted bread bowl and had potato chip type slivers on top.  It was amazing.    

For appetizers, I got the beef tongue the first time we went and the duck the second time we went.  Both were prepared very well.  Both times we went to mb I got the deconstructed filet mignon.  It was so tender that I could cut it with a butter knife.  I will say that on our first visit, the food was a little bit better then the second visit.  The second visit seemed like it was a little sloppy and quickly put together, but it was still tasty.

Azur is a beach front restaurant that is open for lunch and dinner.  We tried both.  Though both meals were good, I would have to say that lunch was much better.  But I did get the octopus appatizer with dinner and it was amazing.

But lunch was much better, probably our second favorite meal at the resort.  At lunch, there is a small salad bar and chips, salsa, and guacamole are brought to your table.

I got the tuna tartar for an appetizer and J got the fish tacos.  This was an appetizer, a freaking appetizer.  It had a mix of seafood including lobster.  

For my main meal I got the raw tuna sandwhich.  It was so amazing I don't have words for it.  Even the french fries were good.  J got the stuffed grouper, which he said was the best meal he had the whole time we were there.  

The last restaurant was Varenna, it was the Italian restaurant.  My phone decided to reset itself half way through our trip, so I lost all the photos from Varenna.  But we both had personal pizzas which were good.  They are a nice light lunch or dinner.  If you don't like cracker thin crust, then this place won't be for you.  We didn't try any of the pasta, so I can't comment on that.

There is also a little Cafe which you can get breakfast pastries, coffee, ice cream, sandwiches, etc, etc.  We would stop in and get some coffee, tea, and muffins when we were looking for a lighter breakfast.  They always had a great selection of desserts, which we're kicking ourselves for not trying.

Our last night at the resort we opted for room service.  We had already eaten a huge lunch at Azur, so we wanted simple and light.  We got the caprese salad, because yum, and we got the nachos.  The nachos were huge.  They were piled high with beans and meat and cheese.  Then they had guacamole, salsa, and cheese on the side.  They were good nachos, not the best I've had (the best is a place here in Madison), but they were good.  It was a nice last dinner, nothing fancy.  And how could we not order nachos while in Mexico.  

We finished dinner with dessert (which we did almost every time we ate).  J had a coffee cheese cake and I had the tequila chocolate cake.  The cake was so moist and amazing.  I'm very picky about cake and this passed my test.  I can't tell you what J's tasted like because I don't like coffee, but he said it was very good, so I'll take his word for it.  

  The food here went beyond are expectations.  We did run into a group of people that were complaining about the food, but they were complaining about everything, so I think they were just those type of people.  We never had a bad meal.  Some where better then others, but nothing was so bad we wouldn't eat it.

We also were not able to try everything.  We read a few reviews of the place that there is not enough selection of food, but we don't know what they were talking about.  We stayed 8 days and didn't eat the same thing twice (well I did once, but that's because it was so good the first time).  We could have easily stayed for 2-3 weeks before having to repeat a meal.  

We were very impressed with the fact that all of the restaurants had separate menus, including the desserts.  They could have easily had the same desserts or appetizers in multiple restaurants, but they didn't.  That was nice.

We were very impressed with the food, especially after talking to a few of our friends that have gone to all inclusive resorts before.  Most said the food was okay, but not anything special.  I would have to say that Live Aqua goes all out for food.  And remember everything we ate was included in our room price.  Was our room more expensive then a regular room, of course it was.  But we guessed on how much all the food and drinks we enjoyed would have cost us and it was much less then the price difference of the room.  We also made sure that we ate food that we normally wouldn't be able to enjoy.  There was no chicken caesar salad for us.

So that was a quick overview of the food.  We ate a lot more then what I posted pictures of because I figured you didn't want to see every meal we ate.  We also had numerous drinks (if you ever go, order the strawberry banana daiquiri and the Sexy Banana, both amazing) which I didn't mention.  But I think you got the idea about the food at Live Aqua.

Stay tuned for the next and last installment, which was our trip inland to Yucatan to see the ruins.  That should be up tomorrow.  Peace out.      

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