Monday, October 13

Monday, Monday

Ugh, this post was supposed to be up last week, but due to my inability to get photos taken, it had to wait until today.

I've got a ton of projects going right now.  Well, I guess it's not that many projects, just a few.  Three or four at best.  It's funny to think that when I first started beading, I never wanted to work on multiple projects at once.  I wanted to focus on one project and not move on until that one was completely finished.  There were times where I would bead through the night to get something done.  Now, I'm more then happy to work on multiple things.  It helps me from getting board.  So what am I working on right now.

I only have one more planet to finish up for my solar system project.  Okay, I have to go back and work on Saturn's rings, but I'm almost done with all the beading.

Here is the work I've accomplished on Uranus.  I'm hoping to have it done in a week or two so I can start putting the project together.  I'm so excited to see all the planets together.  Maybe I will have this project done before Christmas.

I also have been working on a few custom orders.  I'm working on making large leather gauntlets for a customer.  This is a first for me.  I love going big, but I've never beading a gauntlet before.

Here is a little sneak peak at the first one.  It's just going to be an all matte white with white glass pyramid beads for accents.  I like that we're starting out simple.

And here is a little sample of bead embroidery for my customer.  We are going back and forth between if these should be done in embroidery or if they should be done in peyote stitch.  I vote for embroidery, but the final word is up to my customer.  It just depends on which one looks better to him.  I'll see what he says next Wednesday, that's if I can get this sample finished.

And last, but not least (okay, that's a lie, I may or may not have some other projects going), is a pair of purple tassel earrings that will be going to their new home in Georgia today.  I love these guys.  They are so playful and fun.  And if you are interested, they are now available as custom orders.

So that's a few of the projects on the board right now.  What is everyone else working on?  Any fun Halloween projects?  I would love to hear and see them.

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