Monday, July 27

Weekend Wrap Up

Hello Monday! Well, it's time to start the week and get things going. So, what happened this past weekend? Not too much. We got some work done around the house. On Saturday J installed an air conditioner in the garage. He's not sure how much he's going to use it, but it will be nice to have on the hot, humid days.

We also got the deck stained. And it looks so nice. We still need to do the facial boards between the stairs, but the hard part is finished. I'm very happy with how it looks. I can't wait for us to put the furniture up there so we can enjoy it again.

And while we were out working on the deck, we had an audience. We have baby bunnies. They are so cute and I just want to squish them, but I know they need to be left alone. There are two of them and they are big enough to be out and about and play. I love watching them.

And the most exciting news. I have zucchini in the garden. a lot of zucchini. I'm so excited and I'm already planning all the different things I can make with them.

I didn't get a ton of beadwork finished this past weekend, so that means I will have to work overtime this week to get everything finished. But, that's okay. 

What did everyone else do this past weekend? Did you enjoy nice weather? Did you get work done around the house or did you get some artsy stuff done? I'd love to hear about it.

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Grace said...

Don't you have a lovely yard - gorgeous deck, cute baby bunnies and zucchini - I love 'em all.

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