Monday, July 14

My 1st Show Is Over

What a weekend. I went to my first arts and crafts show this Sunday. I was just a small one, but it went pretty well. There are a lot of things that I will do differently next time, but for the most part I was happy with the outcome. And I made a few bucks in the process. The crowd wasn't exactly the group of people that would normally buy my stuff but oh well. I had a lot of lookers and a lot of complements. So it at least made me feel good about my stuff. I had a lot of people complain about my prices, but I didn't really didn't feel bad about that. I actually droped my prices a lot for this show. They were just the type of people looking to buy something for $5.00, not $75+. So my feelings were not hurt by those comments.

I'm going to focus a little bit more on my glass work and sell a little more loose beads. For the most part that was my best seller. All I had were a few orphan beads and pracitce beads for sale and everyone ate those up. I bet over half of my sales were for loose beads. My first sale was a jewelry designer that told me all my beads were under prices and she nearly cleaned my out. She really liked my work and couldn't wait to make things out of them. So I'm was happy about that, that there are people who really like my beads. So that was the deciding factor, I'll still make and sell my jewerly, because I still really like to make it, but I'll focus a little bit more on my glass.

I'm going to do a show in September. It's in a suburb of Milwaukee and I should get a decent crowd there. Hopefully people that are willing to spend a little bit more on things.

Over all I learned a lot from the experience. I thought of new layouts and displays as well as location and selling technique. I was a fun learning experience. I think I might be hooked on shows. Maybe I'll do a show in between now and September, if I can find a small one that I havne't already missed the deadline for :D

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