Tuesday, July 29

New Cuff in Etsy

I just posted a new Invader Zim cuff in my etsy store today. I love the IZ cuffs. They are my favorite to make. I have a bunch of them, so now I just have to get some pics.

So now that I have a little bit more free time I hope to post a bunch of new stuff in my store.

Now I hope the the SLR is fixed soon. I know I really should stop crying about that camera, but once you use one, you will never ever want to go back to a regular point and shoot. Pictures are a huge part of an online business and I just don't feel like I can impress people with crappy photos. I am looking into getting a professional to take some of my pics, and that could be anyone other then me. LOL.


I also have reached the 200 hearts mark on etsy. As of right now I have 203 hearts. I'm so proud of myself, that means over 200 people count my store as their favorite. Yea!!!


I also am working on this great new project. I'm not really sure what made me work on something like this. It's going to be a crazy necklace with lace and flowers and fringe and a big lampwork bead focal. I'm slowly working on it, so no rush.

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