Monday, July 28

Challenge Piece and Christmas Ornaments

The etsy-beadweavers challenge for August was Art Deco. I was so excited about this, because I love art deco design. I didn't think I was going to have enough free time to get a piece done this month with all the shows I'm getting ready for, but I found time. I've been working on my piece non-stop for the last week and a half and I finally got everything done this weekend. I'm so proud of it.

I was going to do a classic art deco geometric design, but then I thought 'this is a challenge, I need to find something more difficult.' So what to do? I thought about a fantastic movie poster or even an art deco building. As I was scanning pictures of wonderful buildings I stumbled across the Hotel Mercedes in Paris France. And in this wonderful hotel there are these fantastic stained glass windows. They were done by a great glass artist; Gruber and they are just spectacular. So I found my challenge piece.

Here is a picture of the dining area in the hotel. (picture taken from the Best Western Hotel Website)

I'm so happy with the outcome. I love wearing it and I'm a little sad to put it up for sale, but I know I have too.


I've also started working on Christmas ornaments. It always seems weird to start Christmas things in July, but that's when things need to be started. So far I've made this fantastic black and white beaded ornament. I love it. The ornament is huge.

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