Tuesday, July 22

What am I thinking?!?

So I told myself I would only do one show this year. That I would get a feel for the show scene, I would go to a bunch of shows and decide which one's would be a good match for me, and then in the next year or two, start attending these shows as a vendor. And now look. I apply for a second show in Sept and then I just get word about a show in November in Waukesha. How crazy is this. So much for one show. And I know all you die hard show attendees are going, 'three shows, that's nothing.' Well for me it is. I've never ever done a show before this summer and now I feel like I need to attend all of them. I'm truly addicted to the whole idea of a show, of interacting with customers, and what not. So now I'm waiting for a little bit more info on this show because registration is Aug 1st. And the best part is I can't even register for it, my friend needs too. So I'll discuss it with the boy tonight and see what he says. He's always my voice of reason and inspiration. Now the question is do I still do the home show? Oh so many questions. Thank goodness some vacation time is coming up soon. I'm gonna need it.

And don't for get about the etsy-beadweaver's SALE. Check out the blog for all the info

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