Tuesday, August 19

I Found Myself in a new treasury, again.

I'm so excited I actually found my falling leaves cuff in a new treasury last night. That's crazy. That's a second treasury that one of my cuffs (that is not or was not a challenge piece) was featured. I'm really pleased with how well I've been doing lately. It's not like I'm ready to quit my job and give this a try, but I am happy with how many people have noticed and at least looked at some of my stuff. It's so crazy.

Check out this great treasury: All the Leaves are Brown

It's a fun fall themed treasury that has a real wide variety of awesome things to get you in the mood for the leaves to change color.

I'm also re-listed a couple of items in my store.

My Tiger Lily cuff.

This is one of my favorite pieces. I love all lilies and I love the abstract feel this cuff has. It was all hand beaded with thousands of tiny little Czech seed beads and then hand sewn onto a great leather cuff that is lined with black fabric with tiny flowers for added comfort and durability of the cuff. I also love the fully adjustable cuffs. That was a great idea (thanks Jeremiah). Then anyone can wear the cuff without having to worry about if it's their size. And there are so many ways to tie them, the possibilities are endless.

And my Flowering Dogwood Dangle Earrings.
These earrings are just fun to wear. They are made with silver lined Czech seed beads which give them that extra sparkle. They are really fun to wear. I love any kind of dangle earring, and what woman wouldn't. But then again, I am completely addicted to earrings. They are my downfall.


Leet said...

Nice design
You have good talent
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Anna said...

Beautiful pieces! Your tiger lily is one of my favorites!

By the way, I've memed you. (Sorry!)

Three Fates said...

Thank you leet, your work is great.

Oh I've been memed. This will be fun, thanks Anna. Love, love your work.

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