Thursday, August 21

A new treasury and a little update

My Orange Lily Cuff is in a treasury. Yeah It's one of my favorite pieces. I really love this cuff. My mom has a purple version of it that I gave her for Christmas. That one is just as lovely.

It really is a great cuff.

Check out Beauty is in the Eye of the... created by Enchanted Bitz

What a beautiful treasury.

This is crazy I've been in more and more treasuries lately. Now if I only I can learn what it's like to be on the front page, but I have a feeling that will be a while still. I'm just happy that someone out there likes my work :D


I have been working on a bunch of projects lately. I posted a few of them in an earlier post, but I've finished up a few, gave up on some, and started a few more.

I've decided to stop on the ornaments for now. I have a little while before the holiday show, and I really need to focus on a few other things.

I am working on finishing up a cuff for a friend. She asked me to make a pink ribbon cuff like my daisy cuff, but with a purple background. So I worked that up last week. I have all the beadwork done, now I just need to get the leather cut and it sewn together. I'll have some pics in the future.

I was also asked to do a custom cuff for my sister-in-law. It's a CD cover, and I think that it's going to turn out pretty cool. I have the pattern made up, for the most part, I'm still going to need to do a little tweaking. And as soon as she gives the approval, I'll be off working on that.

I've finally gotten some free time to sit down at the torch. It has been a couple of weeks. I just haven't had the time. I need to be ready to help Jeremiah when he needs it right now, so melting glass just hasn't been an option. It felt really good to sit down and make a couple beads. I'm hoping after this weekend I'll be able to return to torching on a regular basis again :D

Then there's this weekend. The big car show in Chicago. We have both been off work for the majority of the week trying to get all the loose ends tied up. We leave early tomorrow morning for check-in. It's really exciting.


PurrPrints said...

congrats on another lovely treasury!

Mekhismom said...

I am not surprised that it is in a treasury, that bracelet is gorgeous. I would love it if you could talk to me a bit about etsy. I just opened my shop but am unsure about next steps.

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