Thursday, August 14

An update

Well I have been such a busy girl lately. I've been running all over trying to get a bunch of different projects done, but have been short on time. That's because next week is the BIG car show. My boyfriend has finally gotten his car back together and is doing the car show circuit. He's been to two so far this year (and took third place at one of them) and next weekend is the big import car show in Chicago. He's been so busy getting different things done in the car. He's been soldering for the last week or so and needs my help to hold things and put things in. So I've had to put aside the beads and the glass for a while and help him. Which I don't really mind because he is really supportive of me and he always helps me when I need it. I mean the boy sits for hours at art and craft shows on weekends; and I know it's not really what he wants to be doing. So all the help I can give him, I will. So that means until next weekend I am his little helper and I can't really start anything that I can't put down when he needs help. But like I said I'm happy to help, and I'll be happy when next weekend is over. Hopefully some of the craziness will die down around the house and things will get back to a little bit more normal. Then I can hit the glass and the beads hard :D


I also am featured in a treasury right now. It's just a treasury featuring some of the Etsy-Beadweavers August Challenge entries, but a treasury is a treasury. I'm always so excited when I'm in a treasury. I haven't been in many, so when I see something I did, it puts a little smile on my face. Maybe someday I will actually get one myself. I don't know how you treasury people do it, no matter what I do, I just can't seem to catch one. Someday.

There were so many beautiful entries this month. Every month the seem to get more and more beautiful. Great job everyone.

And if you haven't voted, you can still do it. Visit the Etsy-Beadweavers Team Blog and vote for your favorite entry. But you better hurry time is running out.


I also have received an award for my blog. I got a Brilliante Weblog Premio 2008 Award from the Etsy's Dark Side Street Team. This was such a surprise because I just started blogging not that long ago and didn't really think that many people even read my blog (or knew it existed). But I am honored to receive this and I'm working on picking out the blogs that I will give the award too, so as soon as I have that done I'll get a new post up. Yay!

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