Monday, August 11

So Many Projects, So Little Time

I have been so over ambitious lately. I have about four or five projects started right now. Well maybe six or seven :) I never have a bunch of projects started, I always start and finish before I start a second one, thank you OCD. But my mind has just been racing with ideas lately, I run to the bead room and get the supplies I need, then push the current project I'm working on aside and start on the new one. That's a very strange for me.

Here are a few of them!

First there is the a small 4x4 bead embroidery. This is only my second attempt at embroidering anything. I got these little squares from work, no one is really sure why we had them in the lab, but we had stacks and stacks of them. So over the last few weeks I've been using them as coasters and just happen to use one as scratch pad the other day, when it came to my attention that they might work good to bead on. And they were. So I'm finishing up that project right now. An also in the picture are a few of the new lampwork focals I made up the other night. I'm slowely trying to get a bunch done before my next show in Sept.

Then there are the beaded beads I've decided to try my hand at. I've had a bunch of wooden beads and wheels in my bead room for years. I saw a beaded bead back when I was in high school and wanted to try it. But my first attempt was not very good, so I put them away and forgot about them. But over the last two or three months I decided I would give it another try. So this is what I'm working on; a teal and pink pendent and a bunch of red and grey beads. I plan on combining the red and grey beads with matching lampwork beads. But first I need to make a bead or two that look okay :D

And this is what my boy had decided to do with my tries that didn't work.

He made little finger puppet hats out of them. One is a Russian KGB spy and the other is his "lady friend". He's got quite the imagination. It's good to know that this is what engineers do with their free time.

Then there are the Christmas Ornaments. I'm going to do a holiday show (which I hadn't planned on, but oh well) in November. So now I'm trying to whip up a bunch of simple netted ornaments. Nothing supper fancy, just simple netting. I have about 13 done so far. And boxes and boxes of ornaments to go :( I also have to come up with an item for the silent auction. I have a few ideas!!!

And this is just a few of my current projects. Nothing like a full plate. My mind has just been running laps lately. It's been busy and crazy, but that's okay. It makes me feel so good because I feel so creative. Now I just have to finish up one of these projects.

And last but not least is my little helper, Toonces. She found a friend on the back porch the other night. One of the outside cats came right up on the porch and to the back door. Toonces just went crazy. She was chirping, rolling on the ground, and rubbing her face on the door. Maybe she was confused because they looked just like twins (except Toonces has a lot more spots and is a lot more fluffy) or maybe she was just excited to see a cat that was acting like a cat, unlike her sister, Nacho.

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Lucky Girl said...

I love seeing all the different things you've got going on, but I especially like those finger puppet hats!

Anna said...

Wow, you've really got a lot of things going! I can't do that. I'm one of those that has to finish a project before I can go on to another. That's probably why I don't have very many pieces lately! :)

Willow Forrestall said...

Cute finger pupet hats!

I wanted to let you know we have an award for your blog ;)

Three Fates said...

Lucky Girl - thank you. My boyfriend always finds interesting ways to use my rejects.

Three Fates said...

Anna, I usually am like that too. I've been known to stay up all night just to finish a project because i hate leaving something unfinished. So I'm not sure what has gotten into me lately. Maybe it's a good thing, maybe not.

Three Fates said...

Willow, thank you. I got to hear horrible Russian accents all last weekend.

Thank you for the award, I am excited and surprised. I love the work of the Dark Side Team, very cool.

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