Saturday, August 9

August Challenge Voting - Etsy Beadweavers

Well it's that time again. Time to vote for the August Etsy-Beadweavers challenge. There were so many fantastic entries this month. This month's theme was ART DECO. One of my favorite design periods.

Here was my entry for this month. It was based on a beautiful stained glass window found in the Hotel Mercedes in Paris France. It's all hand beaded using tiny little Delica beads in two drop peyote stitch. I then sewed it to a nice soft leather cuff and cut the ends to match the curves of the design. It's all finished off with gold eyelets and a brown ribbon. I really love my creation for this month, I hope everyone else does too. You can see it in my etsy store. It's called Latte at Hotel Mercedes


*Here is a sneak peak of all the entries.*

1. Moss Agate Going Green Doily Bracelet - myfairladyvt4

2. Purple Graces - triz

3. WAVES OF SYMMETRY - caraway

4. Flaring Pinwheels Art Deco Beadwoven Necklace - njema

5. Geometric Brooch with Onyx and Carnelian Cabochons - enchantedbeads

6. Harlequin - beadsandblooms

7. Art Deco Earrings Clinkscales Arts

8. Bloodstone Style Moderne - euphoriamoondesigns

9. Grey Art Deco Marquee Cuff - AmethystRavenstar

10. Deco Lotus pin or pendant - beadmummy

11. Art Deco Collar - HighDesertBeadscapes

12. Black Glass and Teal Art Deco Necklace - PinkPoochDesigns

13. Embroidered Pendant on Herringbone Rope - vanishingpearl

14. Lost Treasures - Art Deco- beadwoven set - BeadCatcher

15. Art Deco Meets Goth - WickedOakDesigns

16. A Trip to The Nile - Collar EBWC - SmadarsTreasure

17. A Salute To Art Deco - wMarlaine

18. Inspired by Cartier - Chrisbeads

19. Latte at Hotel Mercedes - Hand Beaded Cuff - ThreeFatesDesign

20. Art Deco necklace - Orly's BeadsHead

21. Butterfly Garden Enamel Necklace - ThePreciousBeads

22. Beguiling Beadwoven Art Deco Miniature Oil Lamp - Salamander House

23. Windows to the Past - adinahalperndesigns's

24. Art Deco Cuff - Savoy Studio

25. Stars of the Sea Cuff Bracelet - arosebyname

26. Search Light Art Deco Bracelet - GemsbyJules

27. Art Deco Bracelet - clairecreations

28. Black and White Art Deco Necklace by Sooz - BoodlersBeads

29. Hamunaptra - thebeadedlily

Everyone did such a great job. You can go to the etsy beadweavers blog to vote for your favorite. Go to ETSY-BEADWEAVERS BLOG



Anna said...

I love your piece! It looks so vintage! Good luck in the challenge!

Three Fates said...

Thank you!

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Beautiful piece. I fell in love with it from the moment I saw it. Go EBW designers!!!!!!!!!!!

Three Fates said...

Thank you so much. It's one of my favorite things I've ever made.

Lucky Girl said...

Your piece is amazing! I'm always curious about how long it takes to make things--if you care to share that info. Good luck in the the challenge.

Three Fates said...

I'm really bad at keeping track of actual hours, but a cuff usually takes me three days (I work during the day, and bead at night, or whenever I get a second or two). Two days for the beadwork and then one day to sew and finish it up. Even though it seems like the sewing takes longer b/c I loathe that part (People who can sew amaze me) :D

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