Friday, September 5

Changing of Seasons!!

I have listed a couple of Christmas ornaments in my etsy store. I guess it's almost that time again. I've been working on them since the beginning of August. Nothing stranger then being surrounded with Christmas ornaments when it's 90 degrees outside. I also had to think about different Christmas color combinations. So weird. So I have three listed in my store. Nothing too fancy, just a couple netted ones then a more of a dangley one.

Green Lace Beaded Christmas Ornament

It was very weird to work on Christmas things at the beginning of the week. It was 92 degrees outside and dry. So very dry. I guess it's was one of the driest Augusts in WI, which is so strange, I mean only this June we had water in the basement, and the highway was shut down because of flooding. Now it's only 58 and rainy. We are getting the rain from the hurricane. That's also so weird to think about, that we are being hit by rain from the hurricane way up here in Wisconsin. Wisconsin weather, that's just how it is. One day it's 74, then next it snowing. I'm still learning to get use to it.


I also made a new lens just about my glass work. Just a little overview of when I've started and how much I love glass. Go Check it Out!!!


LizzyT said...

They are pretty. I haven't started to think about Christmas yet, how quick this year is passing.

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Oh WOW ~ Beautiful xmas ornaments! I've already started a list of holiday things to be looking for, so have added those to the list! Happy Fall!

Waterrose said...

Those are lovely! ...oh no holidays...LOL

Anna said...

They are beautiful! But thinking about Christmas this early is just too much for me! LOL

Three Fates said...

I know it's so strange thinking about Christmas now, but I guess it has to be done. I have a Christmas show on Nov 1st. Plus I have a silent auction piece, and a couple other things, blah blah blah. Oh how fast this year has been going. Before we know it, it will be spring again. Hahahaha

Melissa said...

OOh I love these. I buy a new ornament every year, and I just added your shop to my favorites. I am especially fond of the teal colored one.

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