Thursday, September 4

I Joined the SquidEtsy Street Team!

I wrote earlier about creating my first Squidoo page. How I thought it was a really cool way to meet new people and also get your name out there if you have a business. Well I've joined the SquidEtsy Street Team. They are a group of people who sell there wonderful things on Etsy and use Squidoo to promote themselves and each other. What a great idea!!!!! So I'm one of the newest members. You can check out the Squidoo Page or the Team Blog

I also made a second lens. It's about my two little ferret babies. You can check that one out too!!!


Marlaine said...

Your ferrets are very cute. I have an acquaintance who has 5. Her home is ferret heaven!

Three Fates said...

Thank you! They are not for everyone, but we love them. They are like candy bars, you can't have just one.

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