Friday, September 12

A Gift For a Friend

I made this bangle a little while back but never posted anything on it.I really love this one and I know it went to a good home.

I got these beads from a friend of the family (she’s my youngest sister’s godmother). I absolutely fell in love with them. They were so beautiful, and when the light hit them, they were even more beautiful. I wanted to make sure to thank her for this wonderful gift and all the other ones. She has sent me a number of different kinds of beads over the years; everything from glass beads to really wonderful coral beads. So I felt she definitely deserved a gift to thank her.

I used these fantastic beads to make a Ndeble rope. Because the beads are vintage, they were a little irregular, so I had to make sure to find the ones that were the same size, but I really love how the rope looks. The beads irregularities give it so much charm. I wanted to pair it with a lampwork bead, so I used some fantastic purple and pink frit I got as a RAGOK (thank you) to make a focal bead. I’m really happy with the bead now. I didn’t like it when I made it because I just couldn’t get the shape uniform. I kept trying, but I was slowly loosing the spirals in the middle, so I had to just call it a day and anneal it. But now I’m pretty happy with how it looks. And I know she loves it just as much.

I have a multi-strand bracelet listed in my store using the same beads.I posted a picture of it before, but here’s a little reminder of what it looked like. I’m in love with both styles. The beads just are so amazing, it doesn’t really matter what you do with them.


Sheila said...

Those are really nice! I especially like the multi-strand one! :)

Anna said...

Wow, you're a really nice friend!! Those are both gorgeous!

Three Fates said...

Thank you very much!

Mekhismom said...

that necklace is gorgeous! You are so talented!

The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Thank you for placing your widget on my blog. I am so pleased to discover your blog; your work is absolutely beautiful. I wish you continued success.

gLoR!e said...

it's nice..its something a nice idea for this coming holiday!:)how i wish i would know but i guess it's not my passion to make that one..rather buy it!:) you have the special talent on that!:)

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