Tuesday, September 16

The Winner of the Etsy-Beadweavers Challenge

Tears of Joy by beadsandblooms has won the September EBW Challenge.

What a fantastic necklace, great job!!!

And the runners up were:

Yin and Yang Peyote Bracelet- SmadarsTreasure

Roundabout - ThesePreciousThings

Lapis Lazuli Necklace and earring set - dreambeadweaver

Circle Gets the Square - beaderjojo

Pin Stipes and Flowers Bracelet - GrandmaMarilyns

Free and Formed - OOAK - beaddiddy

Bananarama Mask - Beadmatrix

Textural atmosphere - LiciaBeads

Le Rouge et le Noir Freeform Bracelet - enchantedbeads

Fantastic entries everyone. Beautiful, beautiful work!!!


Melissa said...

The winning piece, is simply stunning. I do not know where I would ever wear such a piece, though, should I own it. It would be great for a star, or someone who dresses up alot.

GrandmaMarilyns said...

That was a beautiful piece of work. She did a wonderful job on it. I agree, Melissa.

Three Fates said...

The winning piece was absolutely stunning.

It is a bit fancy, but I would wear it. I wear stuff like that all the time, and I only work in the lab :-) Bigger is better, right?!?!?! lol

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