Wednesday, September 17

Special Request

About a month ago, or possibly even farther back, I was asked if I could make a cuff for a friend. I met her on Facebook. Imagine that, I remember hating Facebook when I first joined, but now I've made so many new friends, it's great.

So back to the cuff; She really liked the way my daisy cuff looked, but wanted pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness. So I said of course I would do that. I worked on the design and how I was going to make it pop. I decided to go with three different pinks and three different purples for the background. I used Delicas, love those babies, and dark brown leather. I originally wanted to put little flower eyelets in the cuff, but found out that I didn't have enough backs. That makes so much sense to me, 'lets put x amount of front eyelets in the package and then lets put y amount of backs in there too. Why would anyone want the same number?' And I would have loved to run out and get some more, but the store doesn't carry those anymore. So after getting fairly upset, I decided to go with plain gold ones.

I'm really happy with how it turned out. She should get it tomorrow, so I'll post an update on what she says.


Laane said...

Absolutely wonderful!

Last week I thought thast maybe I should wear something that makes people ask for info about autism.

This is such a good idea!

Designing Hilary said...

Very nice! I love the color combination. How does the cuff close? With a lace?

Three Fates said...

Thank you! I thought she had a great idea and I was happy to do it for her.

And yes Hilary, the cuff laces up. I had a lot of people like a cuff, but then it wouldn't fit them, so we had to come up with an idea to make them adjustable. So all of my cuffs lace, the come with either a ribbon or a leather cord, and they work great. I have two and wear them all the time :-)

BeadedTail said...

Very beautiful!

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