Thursday, September 18

Top Entrecard Droppers

I have been meaning to do this for quite a while. I joined Entrecard about one month ago and have completely become addicted. I think it's a great way to find blogs on things you love as well as things you never would have thought about looking for. There are a bunch of new blogs that I read now because of it (and I try to comment as often as possible, but sometimes I don't. :-( Sorry).

I know there are a few (quite a few probably) that just drop their card and run. That's okay, I do that too sometimes, but usually only when the blog has nothing on it I'm interested in or it's a little ad filled. But most of them I try to read the most resent entry, and I've learned so much from it. So thank you very much to those of you who stop by and drop your card, you all have such fantastic blogs. Some days I really wish I had more time to read more of them.

So here are my top E-card Droppers

BeadedTail 30

Jill's Creative Cafe Page 30

Designing Hilary

The Sewing Mom


jael's artjewels

60 Were Enough

Etsy BeadWeavers

Make Every Day Your Lucky Day

Basketball Daily

Thanks to everyone that stops by!!!


Marlaine said...

And thanks for all of your drops to my blog too!

BeadedTail said...

I was stopping by to see your blog and to drop on you today and was surprised to see this list! Yay! Thank you for dropping on my blog too!

The Lone Beader said...

Cool! I have never heard of that!

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