Sunday, October 19

I really do hate to sew!


Thank you all for you nice comments on this cuff. I really like doing the cartoon cuffs. I'm thinking about doing some anime ones in the near future.

So here's a better picture of the mistake. I know it's not really a big one, but I don't like sending things out like this. So I'm off to find my seam rippers to see if I can fix it without having to cut new leather and start over.

So I finished a new gir cuff (well actually two of them, but I haven't gotten pictures of the one). I was so excited and all ready to put it up on etsy when I realized that I had done a terrible job with the sewing.

So now what? Well that means that I have to take it all apart and redo the whole thing. I can't believe I didn't catch this until I started taking pictures. I guess that's what happens when I dislike sewing so much, I just ignore all my mistakes because I'm so mad at my machine. Oh well.

Here it is before the repairs. It's a little hard to see the flaw, but it's there. It's a corner, what a surprise, I always mess up on the corners.

As soon as I re-sew this one, it will be up on etsy with the rest of my Invader Zim cuffs.


Anastassia's atelier said...

It is beautiful even now! I don't see a mistake here, maybe it's visible just from more near...
Anyway, I like this bracelet ;)

Leslie said...

Awesome bracelet, you always do such great work!

Beaderjojo said...

You *could* always just keep it for's such a fun bracelet!

Triz Designs said...

oh I feel for you.... I also really hate sewing!!! the bracelet is beautiful!!!

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