Tuesday, October 21

My New Torch, Someday!

Well here it is, what I'm pretty sure will be my next torch. I have been researching torches for months and months and I think I'm going to go with the Cricket from Glass Torch Technologies.

It's beautiful. I'm really excited, the only thing is, I can't afford an oxygen concentrator. That is my next really big purchase. I'm slowly saving up my monies, so that by next spring I will have enough money go purchase a nice oxy con.

This will be a glorious day when I finally get my torch in the mail. Right now I'm just working on a little single fuel hothead. It does just fine for now, but I'm dreaming of going bigger and possibly into the realm of boro.

So until next spring, I will be dreaming of this wonderful torch every night. Who knows, if I do good at this next show and my next home show, I might just be able to buy it sooner. Oh that would be fantastic!!!


Izabela said...

Hi, I just tagged you for a play, (sorry, I was choosing randomly from my favorite blogs ;]), check the rules on my blog...

Melissa said...

I hope you are able to get it. I am saving for Gemstone Identification tools.

K. Stahler said...

I've tagged you on my blog http://kaysk9s.blogspot.com/ but there's no obligation =)

Deronda G said...

A torch with choice of colors. I haven't done much research on this one, but it is a good company. Good luck and I hope you get it soon.

Three Fates said...

Thanks Izabela and Kay for tagging me.

It's just so hard to wait. It's not the torch I can't afford it's the damn concentrator. :(

Everything I've read about this torch on LE and whatnot, have said it's a good choice. It works fantastic on a 5 lpm (even boro).

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