Wednesday, October 22

New Bangle

I've been working on a bunch of stuff that is checkered. I like anything checkered, so why not try it with beads.

This is my absolute favorite thing so far. A fantastic black and white checkered bangle. Now I already love ALL bangles (they are so much fun to wear), but pair it with black and white checkers, and it's fantastic.

This is just something super fun for anyone.

I have a couple of checkered rings. They really seem to get a lot of attention at shows. People always pick them up. The younger crowd usually loves them. I'll have to get some pics up of the rings.

I'll have this listed on etsy SOON!
I unfortunately only have this picture of it.
My SIL is coming over tonight for her 1st lampworking lesson, and she will hopefully bring the camera with, exciting!


BeadedTail said...

Lovely bangle! I love racing so to me, it's the checkered flag!

I've tagged you! No obligation to play along but check out my blog for more information!

KAT said...

I love this checker-board design bracelet! It must look stunning on the wrist?

That would definately stand out with an all black outfit.

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