Thursday, October 23

I've been tagged, THREE TIMES!!!! *Make that FOUR times!

We'll I've been tagged three times already this week. I seem to be pretty popular this week (I'm blushing). Knit and Crochet, Kay's K9s: Needle Felted Dogs, and Beaded Tail and Unique You. have all tagged me. And all three are really cool blogs, you should check them out!

So here goes something.

1.) I love to roller-blade. I use to roller-skate all the time, then roller-blades came out and I had to have them. In high school and college I use to go out every single day, NO MATTER WHAT (rain, snow, etc never kept me from going).

2.) I work in a molecular pathology lab at a medical college during the day. I really love working in the lab and doing experiments. And it doesn't hurt that I'm working in personalize medicine (real hot topic right now).

3.) Everything I own is either alphabetized or color coded. EVERYTHING! Examples: a.)Every movie we own is in alphabetical order, and J loves to screw with them. I can tell if a movie is out of order from across the room! b.)All the clothes in my closet are organized my color and length of sleeve. c.) I own a 10 pack of highlighters, it's the best thing ever!
4.) I started playing the flute in the third grade. I was also one of the youngest kids (fourth grade) to preform a solo at state (and get a 1st place medal).

5.) I love cars so much. Mostly tuned imports (not rice-mobiles). Between the two of us we have a Scion tC (my baby), an Acura RXS, and an Acura Integra (with JDM front end). And I usually try to make it to every car show J is involved with.
6.) I am a chronic note taker. I have 100s of post it notes everywhere. I take notes everywhere on anything!!!

7.) I love to cook. I really love to cook. I was brought up in an Italian family where everything was made from scratch. So now *almost* everything I make is still from scratch. Only now everything I make has to be vegetarian friendly for J, but that's okay, now I'm super healthy.

Now I was going to pass this along to a number of my favorite blogs, but I've noticed almost all of them have been tagged recently (you've been a busy community bloggers). So I'm just going to leave it at this. And don't forget to visit Knit and Crochet, Kay's K9s: Needle Felted Dogs, Beaded Tail and Unique You.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Fun stuff to learn about you!

BeadedTail said...

You are a very intersting person and I'm so glad you shared this information! I enjoyed reading about you!

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