Wednesday, October 1

Regal Beads: A Message from etsy's new CEO

Kim at Regal Beads posted this great blog post featuring a video clip of the new CEO of Etsy and her visions for the future of the company.

^^^^^Side Note^^^^^
In the video she brings up McFarland book, The Breakthrough Company, and one of the companies in his book, Fastenal. It's a pretty good company, I put myself through college working there. And the owner of the company is also know as one of the cheapest company owners out there. He's a real laid back guy. I'm not really sure what any of this has to do with Etsy, but it made me excited that I knew what Fastenal was. And if you look closely, you will find a Fastenal in almost every town and city. They are all over.

Also, I have a bunch of really cool fasteners and whatnot from them that I plan on making into jewelry someday.


Jewelry Rockstar said...

New CEO's usually mean new FEE-eos. I am familiar with this from Ebay.

ForKeeps said...

I hope jewelry rockstar isn't right :(
Thanks for linking to this - I hadn't seen this yet.

Three Fates said...

I know new fees might happen, but overall she really seemed to be interested in keep etsy handmade. It seems to me that she recognizes that the individual artists and crafters are what makes etsy, etsy. So hopefully if we do see fee increases, it won't be much. (I hope)

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