Wednesday, October 1

A Couple Updates and A Blod Award!!!

Oh my, I can't believe it's been almost a full week since I posted anything. I've been so busy. I had my show last Saturday, it was a bust, but oh well, better luck next time. I may not have sold a whole bunch, but I gave a bunch of cards away and I had a few requests for custom work in the near future. So that was exciting. I hope those pan out. I also have a request for a home party. Oooh, how exciting. I have always planned on eventually doing one, but in a couple months or so (closer to Christmas). So now I have to plan out the whole thing. That will be a lot of work, but definitely worth it.

You may also remember my previous post about a special cuff I made for a friend, the Breast Cancer Awareness cuff. She received it and absolutely loves it, she actually wanted to wear it during her run this weekend. But she now has an infection associated with her implant, so she is having surgery today to have that removed. So please send some good vibes her way today, because she can use them.

On another note. With some gentle encouragement from Sand Fibers; I will be offering this patten for sale on etsy. I am currently looking into donating the proceeds to the Medical College of Wisconsin (my employer, and they have a great cancer research program), and I will keep everyone up to date on that.

It also looks like I'm not going to be able to enter the Etsy-Beadweavers October Challenge due to lack of photography equipment. I'm not sure when our camera is going to be fixed, so for now I will not be able to enter any challenges or list any new items up on etsy. This makes me sad, but unfortunately that's how it has to be. :(

Well now onto the award . I received a I love your blog award from Designing Hilary way back at the beginning of September. Thank you so much for this award. This really is exciting for me, I love her blog and her work!!!

Here are the rules:
1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog
2. Link the person you received your award from
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4. Put links of those blogs on yours, and
5. Leave a message on the blogs that you've nominated

And here are my nominees:

I'll post on all these blogs later in the day to let them know they've been nominated.


Kerrie Slade said...

Thanks for the award Victoria - you made my day!

I love your 'Breast Cancer Awareness cuff' - that's unusual and quite stunning, great idea of CD's for you to offer the pattern on Etsy.

My best wishes to you and your friend.

Kerrie x

BeadedTail said...

Congratulations on your well deserved award and thank you so much for passing it on to me! I certainly appreciate it!

Your cuff is beautiful and I'm sending well wishes to your friend today too. She's in my thoughts and prayers!

PurrPrints said...

Congrats--and thank you for sharing the love!

btw, that cuff is beautiful--best wishes to your friend...

Amy said...

Congratulations on your award!

Sorry to hear about the camera issues. That stinks.

But, we have some good news for you in our blog. :-D Hopefully that will perk you up some.

(Are you in Milwaukee? My daughter was treated by doctors from the Medical College of Wisconsin. Just curious)


Carol Dean said...

I was sorry to read about your friend's struggles. It hardly seems fair that she have to deal with infection after everything else :(

I'm glad you decided to offer the pattern for sale. I can just picture a woman undergoing treatment using this as a meditative outlet.

Mekhismom said...

I absolutely love that cuff. Your jewelry is gorgeous as usual. I hope that your friend is doing well.

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