Thursday, September 25

Blog Update

I am currently working on changing the look of my blog. It's not going to be anything drastic, but I'm going to be adding a few things and getting rid of some too.

The first thing I will be doing is adding pictures links to some of my favorite blogs. I first saw this idea on BeaderJoJo's Blog Unique You (check out her blog and her wonderful bead work. You can also enter to win one of her bracelets and rings!!!). I loved this idea, I think that pictures are much more likely to be clicked then just a list of blogs. So I've gotten rid of my blog list and have went with this idea. And thank you very much Unique You for including my blog on your list. Hope you don't mind me stealing your idea :D

I like this idea because everyone can use a little bit of free publicity!!!!

I'm going to be doing this slowly, so please don't be sad if you don't see a picture to your blog right away. And if you feel I may have forgotten your blog, just let me know and I'll get a link up there as soon as I can.

I also added a "Grab This Button" for anyone who would like it. Check that out too!

I have also added the new "Follow" tool from Blogger. It's a cool way to keep up to date with some of your favorite blogs!!!

I'll keep everyone up to date on all the changes that will be made!!! :-)


Beaderjojo said...

Well thank you very much for the "linky love"!

Designing Hilary said...

*blush* Firstly, thank you. And secondly, this is a fabulous idea!

I met with a local gal yesterday to revamp my blog to get it more professional looking. I'm hoping it's not going to be terribly expensive but we'll see. I love this idea that I plan to do the same when my blog gets its makeover!

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

I've been doing the same, adding buttons from the blogs I've linked with. It's a great way to cross promote and help each other out! I'll follow your blog! :)

gLoR!e said...

i just get back on my ec..i am starting to pay a visit. i honestly miss visiting blog and leave comments as much as i can.i am here again! Hope you will visit again later!:)

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