Friday, December 5

New Listings Again, wow, I'm on a roll!

First off, don't forget that now until Christmas I still have 20% off everything in both my Etsy store and my art fire store. That's everything, earrings, necklaces, cuffs, and even beads.


First off I want to apologize to Melissa at Melissa Jewelry and Gems Blog. I was the lucky winner of one of her lovely rings a few weeks back and have yet to talk about it on here. I said yesterday I would feature it today, but I'm not going to be able too. There was a horrible accident on the highway last night and traffic was backed up for miles and miles. We didn't get home till really late, so I was exhausted last night and didn't feel like getting the photo tent all set up. But I promise to get pictures taken tonight and get a little entry up tomorrow or possibly even tonight. I promise.


Now on the new listings. Wow I'm amazing myself here, getting new things listed everyday again, it feels good.

First off is a blue pair of my beaded hoop earrings. These are the very first pair if I ever made. They are a lot more fun then some of the other ones. Not that the other ones aren't fun, but the other pairs are a little bit more dressy then these. I picture these with a pair of jeans.

I also tried a different look with the multiple dangles in the center. I like the way this looks, I might make a few more like this one.

You can them in my Etsy store HERE.


And then here is a fun pair of lantern earrings.

These earrings remind me of cotton candy, yum.

I used just a plain white base of glass and then used this really fun light and dark colored pink frit. Fun. These earrings have little tiny fossil beads as accents. I really like using all the fun different colors of fossil beads. And like every other pair of my earrings, they are finished off with sterling silver earwires.

You can check them out in my etsy store HERE.


I also have a picture of my squares I made for the breast cancer awareness quilt.

Every year people from all over bead up little 1 1/2 in squares that help raise money for breast cancer research at the Medical College of Wisconsin. These little squares are then sewn together to make beaded quilts. You can read more about it HERE!

I belong to the Etsy-Beadweavers Street Team, and we decided as a collective to do a number of squares to help raise money for this fantastic cause.

Each year has a theme and this year's was hearts.

These are my squares. They are not really that fantastic, but I liked them. I used a different stitching techniques for each one.


iceah said...

cool pink earrings c:

Three Fates said...

Thank you! I really love the colors on those :)

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