Thursday, December 4

All kinds of new things :->

Wow I have been a busy girl. Last night I forced myself to take pictures for a good 2-3 hours. I really hate taking pics, but it has to be done. So now I have whole bunch of new things up in my stores.

First off is a multistrand necklace. It's fairly simple, but still so elegant.

Five strands of glass bugle beads and bicones make up a wonderful necklace. But I am sorta partial to multistrand necklaces (okay maybe a little addicted).

I posted this one in my art fire store (love them). And if your interested you can check out more info HERE.


Then up next is a fun pair of glass lantern earrings. I made a pair for myself a year or so ago, just trying out new ideas. J said they looked a lot like Japanese lanterns (my pair is ivory with red and brown frit). So ever since then we've been calling them these lantern earrings.

This pair is a fun pair. Made with dark blue transparent glass and then accented with bright pink fossil beads. These little beads are great; if you look really close you can see the tiny fossils in them. And as always with my earrings, they are finished will all sterling silver components , including my handmade earwires.

These are also listed on Art Fire, so if your interested visit HERE.


Then the the third thing I've added to day is another beaded bead. These are really fun to make, I'm working on some round ones and a much larger wagon wheel, so stay tuned for future updates on those.

But back to the newly listed one.

This one is almost identical to my last one, but instead of purple, I used bright red. It's much more dramatic.

Again this bead is about 1 1/4 inch in length and the necklace is about 18 inches. Strung on some black beads and finished with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp.

Check out this great beaded bead HERE.


Then the final thing I listed today was a pair of beaded hoop earrings. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE theses. The colors are just so spectacular. They are an iris gunmetal that when moved in the light show off greens and blues. So pretty. Then the freshwater pearl that dangles from the center also has an iris finish, so the colors in these earrings are just spectacular.

These earrings are a little bit more delicate then some of my others. I only did one row of beads and then the beaded edge, so I guess three rows all together. My other beaded hoops have at least four rows and some have five.

These are up in my etsy store, so stop on by and check them out HERE.


Tomorrow I will be featuring a fantastic ring that I won a few weeks back. Check that out tomorrow.


iceah said...

nice this blue grey earrings are cool too c:

Duni said...

taking photos is such a chore...but necessary.
Wintertime is worse, because we don't get much natural day light over here where I live, so I have to schedule my photo sessions around midday.

The necklace is stunning!

Thyme2dream said...

ooo- lots of new lovelies! Im glad you did make time to take photos, looks like it was well worth it:)

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