Friday, December 19

Snow, Snow, Snow


We got another 12 inches of snow last night and this morning. There is a lot of snow out there. But the weekend started a lot sooner because the college closed at noon today, so we all got a half day. Sweet. This picture was taken this morning when I got up. My neighbors probably think I'm spying on them because I just stuck the camera lens between the blinds to minimize the glare from the flash (I was lazy this morning and just had the camera on automatic). A lot of things were closed here in Southeastern Wisconsin; schools, businesses, the airport. It was a pretty bad storm. But it has now passed and we need to start shoveling, yuck! And there is more snow on the way this weekend. You got to love the Midwest.

And here's our little bobcat out in the snow (minus the bob tail). This is her favorite time of year. She is obsessed with snow. When anyone comes into the house she runs over and tries to eat the snow they brought in with them. Then she will just play with it for a while. And this is the only time I let her outside. She loves to play in the snow. She digs and jumps through it. She could stay out there for hours playing. The only thing she hates in her leash, it won't allow her to leave the deck, and that's just not cool in her book. She feels she should be able to just go. Which would probably be okay for most cats, but not this one, it's a bad idea. And after she's had enough of snow she follows me back into the house, takes a short nap and then is sitting at the patio door wanting to go play again. Then she'll loose interest and go harass Nacho (we think she has kitten ADHD).


On to beady goodness. I have a new obsession. Cocktail Rings. Big, make a statement cocktail rings. I love them. I've seen wooden ones, and acrylic ones, and glass ones. You name it. I just love them.

I stopped by Half Price Books last weekend (love that place) to see what they had in the glass and beads sections. I found a few books I wanted but this close to Christmas I try to not buy for myself. But I did find The Art & Elegance of Beadwork. What a fantastic book. So many pretty pictures to inspire. So of course as I'm looking through it, I am frantically sketching new ideas. And low and behold there is a pattern for a cocktail ring. Cool.

So I made one, and liked it, but had some ideas of my own. Here is what I've come up with so far. The blue on is following (most) of the directions in the book. I like it a lot, but like I said had a few ideas on how to change it. The book's rings had a central bead as the focal point, well I forgot to grab one and I was already all comfy under a blanket with my beading tray, so I left it off.

I love the coral colored one. It's awesome. I'm going to make a few more of these and get them a little bit more perfected. They're pretty rough right now. And then I'm hoping to be offering these in the future. Stay tuned for more cocktail rings. Because every girl should have a few (hundred)!!!!


BeadedTail said...

Toonces looks like she's having fun! My kitties stay inside and watch the flakes but haven't ever played in snow. I won't show them this so they don't get any ideas!

Great rings too!

Three Fates said...

This is the ONLY time she's allowed outside (too many creepy crawlies out there, thank you college for teaching me about them :P)!
She would just sit by the door last year (when she was still tiny). This year she can't seem to get enough snow.
I promise to not let your kitties know snow is so much fun, you don't need 2 snow obsessed cats :D

iceah said...

yah, love the blue one too c:

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Beautiful rings! I'm hoping to start making rings soon :)

cherscrap23 said...

Wow, look at that snow! Luv the rings! 3ScrapBookingLadies has given you a blog award!

mu-yin jewelry said...

Gosh I miss the snow!I moved down from Indiana to SC to be with my fiance, and he says it rarely snows in Charleston.It's been in the 70s for the past two weeks.IN DECEMBER!! doesn't feel like X'mas at all.I haven't had a chance to wear my winter jacket this year.BORING!

Three Fates said...

iceah - thank you :)

Rose Work - Thank you, can't wait to see your rings :D

cherscrap - thank you for the award :D

mu-yin - I love the snow, except this year it doesn't seem to want to stop snowing, and I hate having to drive in it. :P

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