Sunday, December 28

Still Exhausted

Well I'm officially still exhausted from the holiday season, and it's not really over yet! I've only just begun getting back into the "productive" mode. I'm working on a cuff, and planning my next challenge entry (hint: I'm trying something I've never tried before for this one, woohoo ☺)


I've been busy trying to get all my merchandise in my 1000 markets store. I've been listing like crazy lately. I have a whole bunch of made to order beaded rings.

I also have a few other things. I have a great orange striped cuff. The colors remind me of hard candy, yummy!

It's simple, but still pretty fun. I've been focusing on a little bit more of a geometric style lately; more shapes and lines. I'm enjoying the simple beauty that it leads too. I've always loved simple lines, so I'm trying to express this in my beadwork and even in my new lampwork beads. Sometimes simple can be very beautiful.

I've also been working with fireline for the first time. I've never used it before, so stay tuned for a few new cuffs that aren't on leather. They should be really nice.

I also have been working with some new materials. Right now it's freshwater pearls. I kinda went on a buying spree over the summer, I think I ended up with at least 10 different colors. They are all so beautiful, but I had never done a lot of work with them. So finally I decided to try and idea out.

I made a pair of earrings for myself using vintage Japanese rounds. They are pretty fun to wear and I always get a lot of complements when I wear them, so I decided to try it with the freshwater pearls. I think this design works nicely.

Again, this design is pretty basic and simple, but still oh so pretty. And I just love the color of these pearls, a beautiful ruby red color. It's so rich.

All of these things are in my 1000 Markets store.


Thank you everyone that stopped by over the holidays. We all had a pretty good Christmas here. I wanted to get some pictures of all the snow we got, but it got pretty warm that last couple of days and actually has been raining here. So maybe I'll get some new snow pictures up later.

Again I hope everyone had a happy holiday season, and I hope the new year brings more happiness and creativeness.


iceah said...

yup,simple yet elegant c:

iceah said...

i wish i had that patience and time to do what i like c: am glad you had a bunch of orders meaning a lot of moolah coming c: am happy for you c: good thing about artists like you is that you guys enjoy what you do c:

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I love seeing your work!

Hey - I'm doing some research on the different selling venues - if your willing to answer a few quick questions about 1000markets please e-mail me at Thanks!

Three Fates said...

Thank you so much, I love simple things. :D

Three Fates said...

Rose works - I promise to send you an email later in the week. I'm not sure how helpful I'll be right now, I've only been on 1000 markets for about a week and a half right now. :D

Dave Robertson said...

I like that hard candy cuff too, it's a lot of fun! :)

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