Thursday, December 11

Well it's Thursday,I have a couple new listings, but first a story about my morning!

Whew, that's a pretty long title. But things have been getting better for me; I've seen an increase of visitors to my blog and stores, I've been doing pretty good in the productivity area, and I can see the light at the end of the college debt tunnel, I really can. We're even talking about buying a house this summer (that's if we both have jobs and can make it through this recession).
But as always, as soon as I seem to be doing pretty good and life seems to be picking up a bit and looking a little better, things go wrong.
Isn't this how it always happens, you're doing good and then BAHM, you slide on the ice and run into someone. Yup, that's what happen to me this morning. It's all my fault and I feel so bad, I really feel like crying right now. I should have started stopping a little bit sooner, but no and then I ran into the car in front of me. It was only at 5mph and the only damage was a little nick in his bumper that my license plate made and no damage at all to my car, not even a scratch. But I still feel bad, I haven't been in an accident since I got my license and that was a horrible experience.
I told the guy I would pay for repairs (well my insurance company would), but he was the nicest guy I've met. We just exchanged cards (business cards, not insurance info) and he said he would contact me if anything else was wrong, but that's it. No calling the police (they had their hands full this morning, I passed 3 more accidents after my incident) no calling insurance agencies, just a nice Merry Christmas. That's what he said to me, he told me to just forget about the touch ups to the paint and to have a Merry Christmas.
I didn't know what to say. I was thoroughly confused. Like I said I haven't been in an accident since I was 16. And that guy hit me and then told the police officer it was all my fault. I have never dealt with someone who was so understanding and nice about something like this.
As I sit here and write this a part of me want to cry a bit. Half because I was an idiot this morning and didn't stop early enough and the other half because I rarely meet people that are nice. I would have gladly paid for repairs, something so stupid, I should be punished for it. And I have great insurance. Not one thing on my record for 4 years, well except for J's accident 2 years ago (but he's only a secondary driver on my car, so it doesn't matter).
And who knows, maybe he isn't a nice person, maybe he'll call me out of the blue in the future and tell me I caused hundreds of dollars of damage to his car and I have better pay it or he will take me to court. Then I say let him; I don't own a house, I don't own my car, I don't make that much, and I still have a mass of college debt.
But for now I'm just happy to think that this guy was a genuine nice guy. You know one of those people that you don't meet that often anymore. The one's that show you that no matter what, people are still good and they still care. That's how I'm looking at the situation right now. Hopefully that's how it will stay.

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