Monday, January 19

I've been Featured

My copper beaded ring has been featured on Moods and Appetites. I was so excited to find out my ring was featured.

Here is a better view of this ring. I really love how the copper beads look in this ring. Simple but still lovely.

This ring is in my 1000 Markets store.

It's all done peyote stitch with copper beads as the main color of the band and then "pearl" seed beads as the decorative edge.

All the beads in my store are made to order, just let me know your size and you can have your very own ☺

I just had to show off a little bit. I'm really loving 1000 Markets so far. I've been featured on their community page, and now I've been featured on a user's blog. Awesome.

Well I'm off to create a couple more cocktail rings (teaser, stay tuned for those coming up soon)!


GAGAY said...

Dropping by to say hi..happy Tuesday!


Carrie said...


Anonymous said...

I have a blog award for you here.

Rose Works Jewelry said...


Three Fates said...

Thank you everyone :)

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