Sunday, February 1

My February Challenge Piece

This month's Etsy Beadweaver's challenge theme was Tropical Holiday. What a wonderful thing to think about right now, especially with the winter we're having this year.

I decided to try something I had never ever tried before, because, well this is supposed to be a challenge. This was not only fun, but it was a learning experience which has spurred a bunch of ideas for the future.

I call this necklace Mayan Sun.

I decided to go with a whole rainbow of colors to represent all the colors of the tropics. I wanted to look at this necklace and think of the deep blue sea, bright flowers, and a warm breeze on my face.

I went with beaded end caps again, I love, love, love these. But I also decided to try a beaded toggle clasp. I really like this looks. I also finally tried my own soldered jump rings. This worked great and saved me so much money by buying my own sterling silver solder and jump rings.

I had bought these great marble beads a while back and have been trying to decide what to make with them. Well when the challenge theme was announced, I decided to try this with these great marble beads. And as I worked it really made me think of Mayan artifacts (I love stuff like that, I considered being a paleontologist). As I stitched away I thought of the pyramids emerging from the jungle.

I am so happy with how this turned out. I'll have it listed on etsy tomorrow. I hope other people like it too.

*Update* Here is the link to this necklace - Mayan Sun.


iceah said...

it's so nice so as the necklace down there very unique c: lovely colors too c: am planing to have an online store too with ethnic accessories, Philippine (mindanao) fashion kind of stuff c: your one of my inspirations c: keep it up dear c:

Three Fates said...

Thank you very much. You're very sweet. I can't wait to see your store. :D

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I love how this one turned out! Perfect for forgetting winter :)

Nancy said...

Beautiful, love the necklace!

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