Saturday, February 28

Thanks Guys!

I have been awarded two fantastic new blog awards. It always makes me blush a little when I get one, I really never thought I would ever even have a blog, and I definitely never actually thought people would read it and enjoy it. Thank you everyone.

The first one is The Best Blog Daily Thinker which was awarded to me from Pampered Papier. Thank you so much for this. Check out her wonderful blog and don't forget to check out her etsy store.

The next award is a Friendship award which was awarded to my by Kat at Soy Wax Candles. Check out her awesome blog and don't forget to stop by her store for some really great candles.

Thank you for these awards. And thank you everyone who takes to the time to stop by my little blog. :)


P and J Crafts said...

Congratulations on your awards! I didn't know you had received the friendship one already, well another one is waiting for you over on my blog! :-)


P and J Crafts said...

Well, I ended up giving you my Etsy URL instead of my blog. I think I'm tired from all the messages I've sent tonight. Here's the right one:

Julie :-)

Anonymous said...

Awards are always great! Congrats on the friendship award! Yay!

=) Crystal

ESCUDERO said...

Congratulations for your awards. There's nothing like receiving these awards after hard work. By the way, thank you for your ad. I wish you the best.

lunaticg said...

Congratulation for the awards.
See you around.

Three Fates said...

Thank you :D

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