Monday, May 11

Because It's Monday

It's Monday and I'm gonna take a break form jewelry and beads (I know that's crazy talk, but I'll be back at it again tomorrow).

This is how I found Toonces Sunday. I guess she decided to get as comfortable as possible while watching J mow the lawn. We were afraid she got stuck between the window and the couch. She does look a little wedged in there, but don't worry she was not stuck.

She's awake in the photo, but she was sound asleep right before I took this.

That cat is just something else. I don't know what to do with her most of the time. She definitely knows how to get comfortable. Maybe I should take a few tips from her.


This picture is the most amazing thing I've seen in a long time.

After Toonces was discovered sleep upside down, she decided to try to spend some quality time with Nacho (who was also lounging on the couch).

Well to my amazement; Nacho looked at Toonces, hissed once, and then went back to sleep. They spent a few hours sleeping next to each other.

Then later in the night the both shared the blanket for a while (until Nacho got disgusted and went to lay in her bed).

Maybe just maybe they will get a long with each other someday. We can only hope.


Lara Lutrick said...

Ohhh, she is so cute. Love the name.

BeadedTail said...

Toonces is so cute laying in the window! And hopefully she and Nacho will eventually get along.

Three Fates said...

I find that cat laying in the most interesting places, in the most interesting positions.

Hopefully they'll get along someday. It will be 2 years on Sunday that's they've been sisters. Maybe in another 2 Nacho will tolerate her, lol :D

Corinne said...

That picture is awesome! LOL....

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