Tuesday, May 12

What I'm Working On

Here's what I'm working on right now! I'm loving these (making them and wearing them). Simple, fun, stunning, lovely.

I have my first show of the season coming up in a couple of weeks (11 days to be exact) and I'm gonna try something a little different this year.

I'm still going to offer a wide selection of beadwork projects as well as a wide array of my lampwork beads, but this year I'm also going to offer something a little bit more simpler.

I wanted to offer something for everyone (and I have finally realized not everyone is a huge beadwoven necklace kinda girl). I'm really happy with how these are turning out. I also have found that I can use some of my left over beads to work up these necklaces. So the beads I've had sitting around for quite sometime are going to be used to make really pretty jewelry.

I'm going to see how this line of jewelry goes over at the shows, and see if I'm going to permanently add it to my collection, or just focus on beadwork and lampworking. This is a little bit of an experiment (go figure, the scientist is going to do an experiment). I really like how these are looking. I'm actually wearing one right now that is just crystals and silver rounds on black beading wire (I'm thinking of keeping it for myself, it looks so pretty).

Don't forget to stop by tomorrw, I'm hoping to post some DIY instructions for my new displays. I'm so excited on how they are turning out. The are going to really utilize the wall space in my booth and they were so damn simple to make.


On a completely separate note, I'm already planning my list of bands I'm gong to see at SummerFest this year. I'm so excited to see Anberlin, Reel Big Fish, Shiny Toy Guns, No Doubt, and The Airborne Toxic Event (holy crap, I'm super excited about this band. I think I'm in love). Plus more, thank god I only work 10-15 min away from the grounds. The list of bands this year is pretty impressive.

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