Saturday, May 23

First Art Show of the Season!

I just got home from my first art show of the season. I was in lovely downtown Burlington, Wisconsin, during Chocolate Fest, Yum!

It was a pretty good turnout and I have to say this was the best I've ever done at a show. Now I didn't do quit my job good, but I didn't do that bad at all. I sold enough items to pay for my booth, the gas to get down there, my last bead order, my last glass order, and a little left over for myself. So I would say that was a good day.

The day started out a little rocky. I got up a little late and we were almost an hour behind schedule (because it was pouring rain). Then I missed the exit, took the next one, ended up in the middle of construction, and we were an hour late. So we had to scramble to set up. And then I realised in our rush to get ready that I forgot a number of things (table risers, sign, beaded rings, etc.) That was a little disheartening, but we prevailed.

The sky cleared up and for most of the day it was beautiful. The sun was shinning, there were a lot of people, and I was making sale after sale. I sold a lot of smaller items, but hey, that small stuff adds up. And I made a lot more sales then expected considering the economy.

My beaded hoops were a complete success. I sold a bunch of those. I sold a whole bunch of lampwork beads, and a bunch of my new beaded necklaces. Plus I got a custom order. So like I said, great day.

Then the clouds rolled in. J and I were sitting there discussing if we should put the third wall up when all of a sudden it started down pouring. The wind picked up and we almost lost the canopy. But we quickly put the third wall up and luckily had some nice people who moved our cash register and cell phones. I even made a sale while I was soaking wet and trying to get the weights on the canopy so it wouldn't blow away. We were very fortunate, the booths around us didn't have as much luck with the weather, I felt so bad for them. J went and helped the guy next to us b/c he was there all by himself.

And as quickly as the storm started, it was gone! So we dusted ourselves off, dried up everything and persevered for the last two hours of the show, I even made a few more sales. So it was worth staying. And most people were very understanding that my booth was now a tad bit wet and everything was just one the tables (we took all the displays down just in case the wind picked back up again).

So it was a very nice start (minus the rain) to the show season. I won't be doing that many shows this summer, but I plan on doing a lot more next year, and we're already designing new displays to catch people's attention.

And my crazy wire display tree was a success. So many people loved it, and it didn't even budge when the rain and wind started. So yay wire tree!!!


Oh yeah, I had a mashed potato pizza today, it was so delicious. I recommend if you're ever in Burlington, WI you should get one!


Orion Designs said...

Sounds like a nice way to start your show season. And I'm very intrigued by the mashed potato pizza!

BeadedTail said...

Congratulations on a successful show even with the weather not cooperating all the time! And mashed potato pizza? That's certainly one I never heard of!

Sewlutions' World said...

Congratulations, you should be proud that you stayed to the very end. The rain can really bring things down - I know too well about that.

Lynne said...

What a great way to spend the day (other than the rain)! Glad to hear you were successful, that means there is hope for the rest of us!)

Anonymous said...

Congratz on the show! But I think I'll skip the mashed potato pizza. :)

storybeader said...

sounds like a great day, even with the bad weather. Nice to have a second person to help you in messy situations. Congrats. on your sales.

I like the way you wrapped the tables in the black fabric. Makes it look more "substantial" ... or whatever.

Hot Rocks said...

Your show sounds very successful! Congrats. I have one coming up on Sunday, so i hope mine goes as well as your did.

momgen said...

wow that sounds wonderful having an arts show. Congrats....

Meghann said...

That's great your show went well, I'm very happy for you :)

Three Fates said...

Thank you all for the kind comments. The show was fun and a success. And the mashed potato pizza was so good :D

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Congrats on the first day! The rain sucks though :(

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