Tuesday, May 26

Cute Necklace Made With One of My Beads!

So I got an email the other day that just made my day.

A week or so ago (I guess it was a few weeks ago), I sold three different lampwrok beads. I am always excited when I sell lampwork beads. It means someone other then me actually likes them.

Well I got a message the other day telling my that they arrived and that she really liked them. So I was just blushing like crazy. Then she went on to let me know that she made a necklace with the red (Bloody Mary) and ivory bead, and it sold almost immediately. That's so awesome.

Here's a picture of the necklace she made with my bead. It's so cute and I'm so happy that she sent me a picture of what she made using it. This is the first time I've had someone show me what they made with a lampwork bead I made. I'm so happy and proud. Isn't it a cute necklace?

Here's her Etsy Store.
Check out more of her adorable work! Whimsies, it's such a cute name.


schizoshrink said...


Sinclair said...

I love lampwork beads, and I think that is great! I do like her creation very much, and that bead was perfect.

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