Friday, September 18

Finally Friday

Well It's Friday, Yippee!!! I have had such a week, I really hope this weekend will be better. Lets just say I had a little bit of a crazy week.

The good news is, I finally sat down and finished taking pictures. Ok, so I didn't actually finish, but I made really good headway, and that's all that counts, right (and after yesterday's mess, I'm surprised I got anything done).

First up is the second small "cuff" I've made.

It's the same width as the first one, 3/5 of an inch wide. I love anything checkered, so I really love this one.

It's again, super simple to wear, you don't even really realize you have it on. I like the way the "crystal" button makes it a little bit "fancy". (Wow, I really like quotes today) I think it dresses up the more casual pattern of the beadwork.

So I'm pretty happy with this one. Part of me say 'keep it for yourself', but the other part of me says 'no, you can always make another.' So I'm going to part with it. You can check it out in my etsy store if you are interested.


Here is one of the pictures I took last night. OH MY GOD do I love this picture.

I spent the majority of my time last night taking new pictures of older items. Ones that I took pictures of a while back before I learned how to use the SLR. The pictures weren't bad, they just weren't great. You can see an example of an earlier picture of my seashore necklace below. I just didn't know what setting on the camera to use or how to set up proper lighting. I think I've gotten better at both of these things.

So I just wanted to share one of my new favorite pictures with everyone. I'm in love with how the colors of the coral and beads really come through in this picture. I never thought the pictures did this necklace justice until now.

Okay I'm done raving about that picture. Everyone have a good weekend. I know I'm going to try.


Dulcey said...

That is a totally fabulous picture! I'd be excited about taking it too - your earlier photo does not make the necklace as appealing as this one. Wow, I'm impressed....

Hot Rocks said...

Love the B&W cuff...the crystal button makes it so sophisticated! Your new photo of your necklace is really great too. I sometimes retake pics of older items as well, it can take several photos before you get that perfect shot.

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Lovely bracelets. Keep up the beautiful work.

storybeader said...

gosh, I love that necklace. Lots of seed beads and shells, and on a woven rope! It's beautiful! {:-D

BeadedTail said...

Your bracelet is wonderful! I'm a race fan so love the black and white checkered items too! Your new photo of the necklace is gorgeous! Reminds me that I need to retake some photos also. Ick.

Three Fates said...

Thank you all.

I love the new pictures, they really show off the items' beauty (too bad taking pictures is so boring).

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