Thursday, September 17

More Lampwork

Like I said earlier in the week, I have been really busy taking pictures of my lampwork. Just one bead after another, it sometimes seems like a never ending process.

But here is a bead I'm pretty happy with. It's the second "flame" bead I've made.

Originally I was asked to make a bead for someone's wedding (it's a Harley wedding, gotta love WI), but I loved the bead so much I've decided to make some more.

This is a round bead with flames, and I like it just as much as the first one (I'm also impressed that I could recreate the flames a second time). I really think it's fun.

I'll definitely have to make some more. And then maybe I'll get them listed in my store (someday)!


And just because it's been a while, here's a picture of Yoda. She's now 4 lbs, still such a little thing. She's going to need a "nose job" in a few months because her nose is so small, but it's a simple procedure, so no worries.

This is one of her favorite places to sit, between mommy and her bead tray. I woke her up as I was taking the picture, so she looks a little sad. That's my little potato.


Grace said...

Beautiful bead, sweet little puppy

Theresa said...

That is such a cool bead, you did a fantastic job! Aww Yoda is so cute.

Karen said...

She is so cute! I love the bead. What piece of jewelry did you make for the wedding?

Anna said...

Love the bead and the puppy is ADORABLE!

Maitri said...

Oh My Gracious! This picture about undid me!

She is so precious I just want to smooch her to pieces. I am involved in pug rescue and have 4 rescues here that are my great loves. I take in the elderly or infirm that are next to impossible to place and I love them to pieces. I recently fostered a puppy for a short time, but she was about a year old. Your baby just makes me go all mushy. Give that precious tiny nose a kiss for me.



PS.. And your work is positively stunning!

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