Wednesday, October 28

Puppy Update - Yoda's Surgery

So today was the day; Yoda had her surgery to fix her liver shunt. Last week she had a CT scan to look for the shunt. They found one single shunt that was bypassing her liver; so her blood was going right back to her heart without being cleaned and filtered. That's what was making her sick and have all the neurological problems.

I took her in yesterday for her pre-op check up. They looked her over and said she looked pretty healthy and this was the best time to do the surgery. They explained everything to me while Yoda tried to eat the one surgeon. She behaves so badly when we get here.

She stayed overnight last night so that she could be the first surgery this morning. I'm sure she had plenty of people to play with, because they love her here. I was told the surgeon was caught snapping pictures of her this morning, and he said that she's just so cute, he couldn't resist. Like I said everyone loves her here. I just hope she wasn't too bad of a biter. She went in to surgery between 8:00 and 8:30.

I can honestly say I didn't sleep that well last night. It was hard not having her at home and I'm so worried about her. Who knew that a little puppy could cause me so much trouble and worry. I'll be happy when her blood work comes back in a month and they tell me her bile acid levels are back to normal.

Her surgery went well, it actually went so well that they also spay her at the same time. So her liver shunt will close slowly over the next 3-5 weeks, and then she should be a healthy little pup. I hope she recovers fast so I can bring her home early.

I'm a little less stressed now that this is behind us. Now I just have to deal with the large vet bills that little puppy has racked up. Let me tell you, blood work, CT scans, x-rays, anesthesiology, and surgery are just as expensive for animals as they are for people. You would think I would get a little discount because I work here, but nope. Okay, I'm not going to start bitching about that right now, I'm in too good of a mood to think about it.

So the good news is Yoda is out of surgery and *hopefully* all fixed. I guess we'll know if she's getting better after her blood tests in a month. I can't wait to see my little potato. I miss her and it's only been a day and a half.

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Split Rock Ranch said...

I'm so glad the surgery went well. Hopefully the fix will take and hold and she'll live a long, happy, healthy and normal life!

Ann said...

aww so good to hear Yoda's surgery went well.

WillOaks Studio said...

That is such good news about the successful surgery. I hope she heals up really fast and can come home soon. Isn't it just amazing how our little critters can steal our hearts like that?

Anna said...

Glad to hear that Yoda's surgery went well. Hope you are holding up too!
Best wishes
Christina Wigren (Anna)

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