Tuesday, November 3

Newest Guitar Cuffs

So I've been on quite the kick of making guitar cuffs lately. I really don't know a thing personally about guitars, but J does and I think he's having as much fun helping me as I am making them.

I have two new guitars to offer up today.

First up is my blue guitar on a super fun, bright yellow background.

I probably like this one the best so far. But who knows what I'll make in the future.

It's 1.6 inches wide and about 7 inches long.

This one is available in my etsy store if you'd like to see more on it.


The next one is a white and black guitar on a brigt red striped background.

I really like this one. The two reds are the exact shade, but one is a matte transparent bead, so it's a subtle difference.

It measures 1.4 inches wide and about 7 inches long.

I just finished this one up this weekend and I'm hoping to have it listed on etsy soon.


Stay tuned for more guitars. I have a couple more styles that I'm working on. And I also hope to have the patterns up online soon. I love seeing how created people are.


And don't forget FREE SHIPPING on everything in my etsy store. Yoda's recovering well, but we still have mountains of vet bills. All sales will go towards taking care of those. Do a little early Christmas shopping and help a little puppy in the process.
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